Cupcake – Valencia

Calle de la Paz, 36

If it comes as a surprise to you that Cupcake Valencia sells cupcakes then you are shit. Wait until you find out where it’s located.

The cupcake craze that is sweeping the globe – that probably started in NYC (Magnolia Bakery, Butter Lane, and the truly fabulous Babycakes) like everything else cool does, except Marmite (England’s not just about shit weather and the constant feeling of taedium vitae you know), has hit Spain.  And from the outside everything looks exactly as it should be. Pink and white logos, glass cabinets full of different coloured, buttercream-crowned cakes, staff in pinnies – the works. The cakes in Cupcake look great. The toppings are whipped into peaks, the red velvet cupcake looks divine. All is as it should be.

I’m often bemoaning Spanish food. The only things I don’t like about Spain are the petty criminals (rife in Barcelona), their signage is in a foreign language (philistines) making it difficult for a person from a proper country to find their way around; and the food. They are good at making Spanish food but very poor at most other world cuisines. And cupcakes are no different. They weren’t disgusting, but they weren’t, or at least the one I tried, was not soft and fluffy. It was more like something I’d make. And no one needs that.

Available flavours are red velvet, carrot, vanilla and violet, mocha, strawberry and vanilla, hazelnut, coffee meringue, white chocolate, chocolate orange, lemon, chocolate and banana, chocolate and coconut, cookies and cream, chocolate and cherry, double chocolate, blueberry and dulce de leche. Prices are €2 for a biggun and €1 for a diddy one.

I tried the lemon – which is so me. It was tasty but failed in its consistency. Anyway, it might have been a dodgy batch. They are still cupcakes and they still deserve respect.

They also do cookies and brownies and some other baked sweet goods.

Drinks are either smoothies (basic combinations eg mango and banana) along with coffees and teas and a range of American soft drinks such as mountain dew.

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