Cupcakes in Barcelona


Cupcakes in Barcelona

Despite being a bit slow to join the race, Barcelona is now home to many small girly bakeries specialising in cupcakes, those little sumptuously soft and powdery cakes topped with buttery icing.

With sugar being my only remaining vice, I’ve eaten cupcakes all around the world. New York, London, Bangkok, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Spain. I’ve so far found cupcake shops in Malaga, Valencia and Barcelona.

Sadly, my elusive quest for the perfect cupcake in Barcelona (or Spain for that matter) has been largely fruitless. However, I’ve found a few places. None of them have recreated that melt-in-them-mind softness that I’ve encountered elsewhere, but these folk are giving it their best shot.

If you want to eat cupcakes in Barcelona, where can you go:


El Born or Eixample

Lolita’s looks good – it looks very good. It has all the makings of a fashionable NYC or London-style cupcakery: it’s cute and girly, everything is beautifully presented, row upon row of cupcakes inveigle you in with what looks like soft powdery sponge topped with whipped and buttery crowns.

Amelia’s Bakery


Amelia’s Bakery sells cupcakes, cookies, whoopies, tarts, brownies and regular ol’cakes. The ambience is typically cupcakey  in pink and white, very clean and feminine.

Cupcakes come in flavours such as  Madigascan vanilla, red velvet, chocolate orange, tiramisu, dulce de leche (caramel), coconut to name but a few.

The Cake’s Garden

Gothic Quarter

The Cake’s Garden is one of these all very fashionable cupcakeoriums – or at least that’s what they should be called. Or Cupcakeria in Spain. Anyway, it’s a beautifully presented little shop with pretty girls selling sweet smack to unsuspecting sugarheads and drooling boys.


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