Dapacris Herboristeria (supplements and health food store) – Fuengirola

Herboristeria Dapocris, Fuengirola

Ground floor
Covered market near the RENFE


Dapacris is one of two herbal stores contained within the Market in Fuengirola. The other one (Herboristeria Mercado) is located on the same level close to the entrance to the main entrance.

Much like Herboristeria Mercado, Dapacris is an amazing little place packed to the breeches with all kinds of health food wonders, supplements, vitamins, vegan and vegetarian loveliness.

From ceiling to floor and bulging out into the main concourse, Dapacris might have some items you have been trying to find for ages, lots of things you’d expect to find in a health food store, a few things you didn’t know you were looking for, and even a few items you didn’t even know existed.

Herboristeria Dapocris, Fuengirola Solaray vitamins and supplements

Herboristeria Dapocris, Fuengirola Solaray vitamins and supplements

Dapacris has a bit of everything, a lot of everything in some cases, all squished into a shop the size of a postage stamp.

You can vitamins and supplements by Solgar and Solaray – neither of which I’ve seen much of in Spain – and the range is massive considering the store’s size. In fact this is one of the best displays of supplements I’ve seen in a long time – better than anything I saw in Barcelona.

Dapacris is a super store!


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