Designing the Van Part 15 – Working Out the Water and Gas Plumbing.

The wiring loom and hook-up plug board had been successfully fitted (but not fixed permanently yet) and before I could put the kitchen frame in place I had to work out where all the plumbing was going to go.

The Cascade II water heater was sitting in place propped up by a makeshift shelf and I also needed to factor in the water pump, water tank, gas bottle and drainage.

My history in plumbing is short. One encounter with a blocked sink drain is in fact the only time I’ve ever needed a monkey wrench. Apart from to intimidate some kids who were trying to break into my car once. But that’s another story.

Once again that age old adage comes to mind, “How hard can it be?”

Not that hard. I made a mind mapping diagram to work out what was connecting to what; water pump to cold tap and water heater, water heater to hot tap, sink to waste tank. Then the gas which was a little more intricate. I had to feed three things from the gas bottle, the water heater, the fridge and the stove.

I had a few bits and pieces for the job lying around but not enough to complete the job so I was going to have to source some plumbing supplies which is something I had no idea about.

I started with the big boys first; a couple of rival plumbing centres who supply gas fitters, plumbers and building companies. I was out of my depth here, asking for things I had no clue about. I took a few samples of my existing hardware in to show them and they informed me they didn’t supply that kind of thing and as I wasn’t a registered plumber they wouldn’t sell it to me anyway.

All I wanted were a handful of Jubilee clips, some LPG hose and some ‘Y’ connectors.

On the way out of the third place I tried a man told me about a place called ‘Hydrafit‘ in Wolverhampton. Hydrafit are a well established company who specialise in manufacturing fork lift truck hydraulics.

I had a little trouble finding them but once I arrived I was pleasantly surprised to find an old fashioned factory which looked like it had been teleported through time to the modern, while the extremely friendly and helpful ‘Mick’ greeted me with a warm welcome.

Next up I’ll tell you how Mick redesigned my plumbing system to make it more efficient.

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