Designing the Van Part 16 – How Hydrafit Saved My Gas Installation

As explained in the previous article on designing the plumbing system I had come up with a scheme to fit a gas and water system that would be tight and functional. The problem I had was sourcing materials I needed without being a qualified plumber.

There are several issues in the UK which make it impossible to do a gas installation without involving a professional plumber so I prepared myself for the fact it was going to cost me more than I’d intended, something I’ll explain in another post.

Before that I needed to acquire some piping, joints and sealant of some sort. I also felt the need for a tap in the feed to the stove which could be closed if using the fridge and water heater at the same time on the gas supply, that way it would maintain a reasonable level of pressure for both.

Hydrafit, a hydraulics company in Wolverhampton came to the rescue through their excellent and methodical front man at the trade counter, Mick.

Mick has been in the business for a long time and his knowledge of hydraulic systems and gas works really shone when I spoke to him. He is a friendly character, humble, helpful and logical in his approach.

I explained what I was trying to do and what I thought I needed then showed Mick the materials I already had. He suggested I should start with new pipes and he would make a series of bayonets and fittings which would make the job simple.

My first visit was more of a consultation really. I bought some hosing, a few connectors, some jubilee clips and plumbing tape so that I could get started on the job. The fridge and water heater were my main concerns so I got what I needed for those. Mick’s help and expertise made me confident. The materials cost me £7.00 which is next to nothing for some brass connectors and several metres of LPG hose.

I was excited that my plumbing system was all set to go and my next job of installing the first stage of the plumbing awaited that afternoon.

You can view Hydrafit’s website by clicking here and take advantage of their excellent knowledge and quality products for your own van installation.

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