Designing the Van Part 19 – Plumbing in the Gas Cooker

A day after returning from Liverpool with the new fridge in the bag I was faced with the simple job of adding the plumbing for the gas cooker. I’d bought it at a camping shop for about £40. It was a fold away type thing with two rings and a grill – for toast. I love toast.

The idea was to have a slim cooker which could be removed and used outside if needed but hat could also sit on the work surface when in use and be stowed away when not, giving us more kitchen space to work with.

Having been to Hydrafit before I knew what to expect when I returned for the second time and thanks to Mick’s expertise and simple explanations I knew what to ask for, so off I went.

Mick was there again and seemed genuinely pleased to see me. I took the stove in to show him and told him I wanted a shut off valve or tap in line so that I could remove it or maintain pressure in the system for the other appliances.

He returned several minutes later with two metres of LPG hose, adaptors, connectors, jubilee clips and the tap; a big, red handled number which would sit between the gas bottle and the cooker.

I hung around to talk to Mick about my planed adventures and he loved the idea of it and, like many people I speak to about these things, lamented that fact that he’d never done it. I wished him well and headed back home to fit the cooker.

I realised I’d made my life slightly harder by having to fit the next set of hoses after the others had been installed so I took a short cut instead by connecting everything before fitting it and squeezing the plumbing in the gap between the kitchen and the gas bottle’s housing.

Then came the moment of truth, would it work? Of course it would and in fact did. I switched the regulator on, lit the stove, grinned at the flaming marvel and made myself a cup of tea to celebrate.

The last gas appliance to check was the Cascade II water heater but that could wait until I’d wired in the electrics, a job that would follow the installation of the water plumbing and the kitchen frame.

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