Designing the van part 2 – Where to Begin?

Once the initial design for our campervan was in place I needed to work out where to start the whole operation of transforming the empty ‘transit’ van into a cosy, liveable space.

The interior was stark and dirty with five years worth of cargo grime clinging to the ceiling and walls. So that was my first port of call – a vacuum cleaner, bucket, sponge and some heavy duty cleaning products. I got down to scrubbing the ceiling first then dusted along the tops of the little ledges that Renault felt were necessary in their design wisdom.

A lot of dust had built up in the corners and various nooks which the van seemed to keep introducing and it was a hell of a job to get it all out. I think vans have an inherent power to pull dust from the air and give it a home; as if their calling is to be orphanages for lost desiccated skin particles.

The next step was to prepare the walls and give them a really good clean so that no nasties were left hiding behind the panels and insulation was going to fit.

The final step of the cleaning operation was the floor. I needed to make sure I got as much of the litter and dust up as possible as even when hidden under laminate flooring they can spark allergies into action and nobody wants to live with that kind of discomfort.

Once the interior was as sparklingly clean as I could get it the next job was to measure up the panels and work out which type of wood was the best option. I wanted something lightweight but sturdy as the weight soon mounts up when piling the wood in. Contrary to popular belief.

The interior of the van measured 13′ x 5′ 10” so with my measurements I was able to work out how much three ply board I needed to start the panelling job.

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