Designing the Van Part 20 – The Gas Safe Certificate

With the gas plumbing all but done it was time to get legal about things. As part of the transition from panel van to mobile home (in the eyes of the insurance companies) you have to acquire a ‘Gas Safe Certificate‘ [GSC] which tells them you’ve had your dangerous stuff fitted by a professional.

I did fit my own plumbing and no, I’m not a professional but I have more than my fair share of self belief and impudent optimism which when combined make feel that I can overcome anything.

I hadn’t the first clue how to get a GSC so I called my old friend Google and asked what to do. Oh, call plumber. Well that was easy.

And so I did. I called a few in fact and eventually found someone who could come out that day and who had previous experience of working on campervans and mobile homes. Things were looking good.

I showed him the installation which he said was very neat and tidy. That flushed me with the sort of pride that a first time mother might get when her child mumbles something which resembles the word ‘mama’ but actually sounds more like someone moaning.

In order to get the much needed GSC my ego stroking plumber friend had to test all the appliances running off the gas so the first thing was the stove. I knew the stove worked because I’d already made a cuppa with it so I knew I wasn’t in for any surprises there.

He ticked that off his list and asked me to fire up the water heater. I was prepared; prior to his arrival I’d wired it to the leisure battery and filled the tank, but not fired it up. I switched it on at the control box and crossed my fingers.

It ‘ticked’ a few times then went silent. What does that mean?

The plumber went outside the van to the heater’s exhaust and told me to put my hand by it. Warmth. It was working. That flushing of pride threatened to flood over my walls.

Finally it was the fridge’s go. I turned the dial and hit the piezo starter. Through the little window in the back of the fridge I saw the pilot light ignite and remain. The fridge worked too. I was ecstatic and my plumber friend was also joyous as, after doing a few non-gurgly liquid tests on the joints in the plumbing he handed me my GSC and took from me £60 for the pleasure.

The gas was a success and I was happy that everything was safe so my next job was to fit the kitchen properly.

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