Designing the Van Part 24 – Installing the Kitchen Drawers

Confident that the water plumbing was fixed and leak proof I could allow myself to finish the kitchen and the next job was the set of drawers for utensils, bags, cutlery and other ‘stuff’.

Because I’m a fan of recycling I was pleased to find out that my dad was having new bedroom furniture as it meant he’d let me have first dibs on his old stuff. Two things that particularly caught my eye were a pair of pine drawers; three in each chest.

They weren’t in great condition so I picked the best bits from each one and assembled a set which were in good condition, before hacking them to bits with the jigsaw.

I’d allowed so much space for the drawers in the kitchen area without really thinking about how I’d fit them. I originally intended to put runners along the inside and fit the drawers straight to it but as luck would have it, the pine gems recovered from my dad’s skip of a garage fitted very snugly in place with their side walls intact.

This made my life very easy as all I had to do was cut the bottom third off, squeeze some glue in the gaps and screw the chest’s walls to the support beams. The problem I faced was holding them in place while I measured up. Some jobs need four hands, something I fall short of by two although a certain individual I share the van with would argue that point.

But that’s enough about my feet.

I arranged a bunch of boxes and bits of wood to prop the drawers up before drilling the holes and fixing them in place. It was a quick job and I slipped the drawers back in, witnessing the ease of their motion with great satisfaction. Someone else’s handy work had made my life a joy in that moment.

Once in place I added a ‘hook and eye’ clasp to each drawer – a vital part of the van as if things aren’t fixed in place, and I mean everything, then you face a world of hell, scattered and potentially damaged wares upon departure of your maiden voyage. Nobody wants that.

My final job in completing the kitchen was to fix a door on the front below the drawers which would hide the water tanks and plumbing pipes.

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