Designing the Van Part 25 – Fitting the Water Tanks

A lot of campers I looked at had water tanks bolted into cages under the van but unless I had something expensively custom made I wasn’t going to be able to go down that route. I soon came to the conclusion that that would not be such a bad thing as if the tanks were inside the van they couldn’t be tampered with or stolen.

Security in a mobile home is paramount.

Because I’d bought a 30 litre fresh water tank made from food grade plastic, I’d be able to lug it about, fill it up at fonts or service stations easily, then lug it back with less agility because it weighs a ton when full.

There was space factored into the kitchen design for both the fresh water and waster water tanks and fitting both was straightforward. I had to put a couple of stops in front of the tanks to stop them sliding about and that was pretty much it.

I didn’t want anything too fancy as they had to be removed easily to fill and flush respectively. I also allowed space above the tank to manoeuvre the pump about and slot it down into its home. It was important not to fill the tanks fully as they’d have no lids on and I can’t be bothered to fiddle about with them every time we set off on a ride.

The drainage from the sink was taken care of by a flexi-hose that ran into a plastic 10 litre Gerry can with a lid on top and on its side. It would lie on its side and collect the drain water which we’d empty every day to stop it getting stinky in there. A ‘blue-loo’ block also helped take care of ‘nasty niffs’.

A quick test of the whole system gave a thumbs up although I wasn’t looking forward to moving the fresh water tank once it was full as despite popular opinion, I am not the Incredible Hulk.

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