Designing the Van Part 35 – Trimming It All Up

The van was coming together nicely now and considering I’d had only a month to build it things were looking pretty good. But not quite good enough. Certain things were still rankling me like the small gap between the kitchen work surface and the wall behind it, the edge of the floor where it met the side door and the front of the seating area which needed panelling.

One of the major DIY stores was closing down so while picking up a few bits and pieces I grabbed some beading; right angled trim with a curved front that would look very tidy when nailed in place. I bought a mitre years ago and never used it; part of some hair-brain to frame pictures and flog them that never materialised because I thought it would be boring as shite.

This day however, under the watchful eye of my crap Lego shack cupboard, I brandished the mighty mitre and cut a few strips of the beading with some neat 45 degree angles on the ends, glued them in place and banged a few nails in.

The kitchen area got the treatment first as I finished off the back and edges leaving a lovely looking surface which would stop things rolling off, inhibit the movement of spiders or other creepy-crawlies and generally be aesthetically pleasing.

For the front of the seats I tacked some 15mm ply board across the frames and used the same trim to make it look tidier.

Finally, the edge of the laminate flooring where it was exposed to the elements when the side door was open.

For this I’d spied some 90 degree trim that would need nailing over the edge creating a safety buffer against incoming and outgoing feet – especially mine. I measured up the strip, made a few nicks in it to meet the furniture and curved door edge then cut away with a craft knife.

I fixed it down with the window sealant and some 15mm carpet tacks and let it set.

A few hours of banging and cutting made the inside of Denny look a lot tidier and it wouldn’t be long before we were set to roll on down to Spain and get the adventure started.

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