Designing the Van Part 36 – Keeping Things Secure

I’ve been the victim of car crime on a few occasions and I know that horrendous sensation that creeps over you when you see the aftermath. A strange and odious feeling envelopes you and your desire to drive the vehicle ever again evaporates, as if doing so would be like climbing into bed with a cheating lover.

Well thankfully I’m not so melodramatic about such things but I am mindful of my possessions, especially the ones that keep me in cash so I elected to buy a safe for the van that would store our laptops, cameras and other important things.

Yale provide a good range of safes which can be fitted to vans, cars, caravans, etc and I had a mooch around their website and a few hardware stores before making a purchase. I ended up paying around £60 for a decent sized safe that would hold everything we needed it to and tried it in various, ‘out of the way’ spots in the van.

I found an ideal spot, ideal for a number of reasons, not least because I could drill straight through the floor and weld the bolts in place without having to avoid any major pipes or wires. I marked the holes and drilled away.

Now, while this may seem like an easy job it actually required some help because if my dad hadn’t been there to hold the nuts in place I’d still be trying to tighten them now as in their infinite wisdom, Yale didn’t make nut shaped holes for the nuts to sit in. Silly Yale.

The digital lock with emergency key override was in and added a little extra piece of mind to the whole proceedings.

Happy that my goodies would now be secure I needed to add one final piece of furniture, the old oak drawers my mom had given me.

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