Designing the Van Part 37 – Drawers for Drawers

The final piece of furniture to go in the van was a small set of drawers which would provide an excellent home for our socks and undies (and given that my feet are so wide I need plenty of drawer space).

My mom had given me a small chest of sliding vestibules after clearing her old bedroom out and having it redecorated, a boon for me as I don’t like to pay for things. I’m not a thief, if I can’t afford something I go without, but if there’s a conscience-free option involving no cash then I’ll take it. Whatever ‘it’ is.

In this case it was an old set of oak drawers in excellent condition that by total fluke were the same height as the seats. This meant a consistent set of rest points for the bed frame as well as space to stash my Calvin Classics.

God bless market clothes.

The only place I could fit them was just inside the side door, next to the safe upon which I intended to build a shelf or small cupboard. Given my recent cupboard building episode (it still hasn’t fallen down) I wasn’t confident. No wait, confident isn’t the word. No, I wasn’t bothered.

Fitting the drawers took about 2 minutes. Remove the innards, squirt PVA all over the van floor under the cabinet, press in place, screw in place, leave to set. I put a couple of screws through the back too and to this day they haven’t moved an inch.

I added some hook and eye clasps to stop the drawers flying open when in transit and loaded them up with socks and shorts.

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