Despierta – The New Spanish Revolution

Despierta in Madrid


Huge groups of Spanish citizens defied bans on pre-election protests by turning out in their thousands to voice their anger, frustration and concern over budget cuts and austerity measures. A movement going under the banner of ‘Despierta‘ (awake) is leading the charge.

The power of people united is an amazing thing and it is clear that tax payers are angered at the fact they are paying for their government’s financial mismanagement. Madrid was brought to a stand still by the Despierta movement who place emphasis on being open and forward, unlike the Anonymous movement.

Protesters carried banners bearing the words ‘Paz’ (peace), ‘+Educacion -Represion’ and ‘No-one expects the #Spanishrevolution’.

Here is a video promoting Despierta and a clarion call for more people to once again fight for their freedom and rights, and not be the scapegoats for bad leadership.



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