Diamant vegetarian-friendly café – Gracia, Barcelona

 Placa Diamant - Gracia, Barcelona

c/Asturies, 67

In the corner of one of Gracia’s many placas is an unassuming café that has pretty much all you need if you are a plain old vegetarian, after a nice sit down and a cup of tea, maybe a sandwich or a wrap and to surf the internet.

There is a terrace – well there is a square directly in front with a sprinkling of tables and inside the atmosphere is busy but relaxed – if that combination is allowed to exist.

The menu is pretty big and consists mainly of sandwiches, salads, tapas and combinations thereof.

Of course this is Spain – which could be easily renamed Ham Country without fear of inaccuracy – and most of the combinations combine ham in some form. And if not ham, then smoked salmon. But there are choices for vegetarians, even if vegans will be left unfed to self harm alone in a corner.

Salads suitable for vegetarians are as follows:

Sarda – rocket, lettuce, parmesan, tomato, nuts and honey vinegarette; or the ubiquitous Cabra containing goat cheese, rocket, lettuce, apple, nuts and honey vinegarete; and finally a Greca – which is a standard Greek salad. Salads start from €6.60.

Tapas such as nachos with guacamole or potatoes with goat cheese start from around €4.

If you want wraps (enrollados) you can select from a Pirineu with eggplant, goat cheese, tomato and lettuce or you can select something different, cos that’s your lot.

There is also a range of hot and cold sandwiches starting from €3.40 the majority of which are ham fests but there are a couple worthy of your attention with  fillings such as lettuce, hummus, tomato, boiled egg and olives.

They have quite a few herbal teas and the usual array of drinks: beers, coffees etc.

Dog-friendly due to the terrace although they aren’t allowed in the main café – because it’s unhygienic for animals to sit on the floor where people’s feet are. Apparently.

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