Dionisos Greek restaurant – Sitges and Barcelona

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Av. Marqués de l’Argentera 27
El Borne


Because Spanish restaurants outside of fashionable cities such as Madrid, Barcelona and Granada rarely offer anything other than Spanish fare and badly designed pizzas, a place like Dionisos can be something of a find. Greek fare outside of Greece it seems, is generally more vegetarian friendly than Greek fare within Greece. Where you will be mainly eating Greek salad for lunch and dinner.

Dionisos offers some good and fairly interesting cuisine for vegetarians and whilst it might revolve around feta cheese, it goes above and beyond what was found on most Greek menus in the few months I spent there last year.

There’s of course the standard Greek salad (Ensalada Griega) which consists of tomato, pepper, cucumber, olves and feta cheese. But there is also a Rocket salad (rocket, spinach, dried tomatoes, with a balsamic dressing and served with grilled cheese). And Paksimadi – which consists of Cretian bread stuffed with tomato and feta cheese. Prices for salads are between €5.95 and €8.10

Starters include the obligatory hummus, spanakopita (spinach and cheese pie), and semi-cured cheeses. You can also try the grilled vegetables (parrallida de verduras). Starters cost from €5.20.

Main meals that might appeal to vegetarians are the following: stuffed eggplant (Imam); stuffed red pepper (Gemista); vegetable moussaka (moussaka de verduras) and vegetarian burger (hamburguesa vegetal) which is served with salad and tzatziki. Prices range from €6.90 to €8.75.

Desserts are the likes of ice cream (helados) or yoghurt with honey and nuts (yogur griego con Macedonia de frutas y miel) or baklava or halvas. There’s also a fig tart and a carpaccio of orange served with ice cream and cinnamon.

The Greek salad and the Paksimadi are both really tasty here. I’ve not tried the desserts but they looked impressive.

I sat outside the Sitges branch which meant it was Sweep friendly. The staff that served me where very friendly and professional and spoke good English when they realised my Spanish was crap.

If you are dirty you can finish your meal with a Greek coffee. I don’t drink coffee, so had a tea infusion.

I liked this place. Sitting in the warm Spanish sun, whilst chomping on Greek salad is thoroughly reckless and should be done on a regular basis, at the very least. Thoroughly nice.

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