Disfruta! Juice bar – Sitges

Marques de Montroig, 15

Most ‘fast’ food in Sitges revolves around coffee and pastries, ice cream or french fries. Nothing vastly health giving.

Disfruta! is a charming little oasis in the midst of gayville that sells freshly made (from frozen fruit) fruit smoothies with combinations such as strawberry, banana and orange; mango, pear and orange; pineapple, papaya, mango and orange; brazilian acai, blackberry, mango and orange; and pomegranate, blackcurrant, apple, strawberry and orange. Yes! – something for raw vegans. The fruit has been frozen but at least you can keep your big gay fingers crossed that it was frozen whilst there were still some nutrients present. Listen carefully when you’ve ordered your smoothie as you might be asked if you want sugar (azucar?), which you probably don’t. Fruit is generally sweet anyway… because it’s fruit. But Spain hearts sugar.

All the smoothies cost €3.80 and you can supplement your drink with a smoothie boost such as green blend, hangover blend, energy blend or relaxing blend – all costing €1. No idea what kind of quality these mixes are.

Other frozen drinks include frappes made from David Rio chai mixes such as Tortoise Green Tea Chai, Elephant Vanilla Chai plus other flavors such as coffee, chocolate, caramel, coconut and Baileys. These are all full of sugar and none of them appear to be vegan but they are pretty tasty and a kind of Starbucks fix if you’re missing those. You never know. They are also available made with soya milk, but certain ingredients in the mixes themselves make them vegan-unfriendly – sadly. All these frappes cost €3.20.

Disfruta! also vends a few healthy looking sandwiches (made on seeded wholemeal bread) and muffins and there is also a fruit salad for the raw vegan which costs €3.75.

Disfruta! is little more than a kiosk but has two sets of tables and chairs outside, which makes it perfect for sitting in the sunshine whilst consuming three of your ten a-day in the form of an ice-cold fruit smoothie and watching lots of gay men walk by.

The girl who works there is as cute as a button and won favours with all three of us when she gave Sweep bottled water. Big paws up for hydrating our puppy.

Disfruta! adheres to the Spanish fiesta times between approximately 2pm and 5pm which is a bumache if you happen to be thirsty and need a fruit boost during this time.

Disfruta is at the top end of c/Marques de montroig, which is off the main shopping street in Sitges c/de Parellades or straight up Passeig de la Ribera which runs parallel to the sea.

Lovely mango, papaya and orange juice smoothie. Really tasty. Even without sugar.

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