Dog-friendly restaurants in Barcelona



Most of these are either vegan, vegetarian, or vegetarian-friendly locations as those are the places we tend to go. And that’s the purpose of this site. There are sure to be loads more places that welcome our furry better halves. It’s always worth asking if there is no ‘no perros’ or ‘no gossos’ sign on the door.

So many places have outdoor terraces and some offer heating during the winter, so that you will never  struggle to find a place for you and your befurred progeny.

Please feel free to add to this using the comment box below. The more places the better and information shared is a good thing when it means you take your furry kids with you.

Juicy Jones

Dogs are allowed throughout in the branch in El Raval and in the juice bar section in the branch in El Gotico.

This is a completely vegan restaurant.

Veggie Garden

They have a terrace outside and also welcome dogs on the ground floor but not on the mezzanine for other customers who would rather not share the restaurant with a dog. Although you’d think vegans would welcome the equality.

La Bascula

There was a dog in there last time I was there. A lovely one too. Although it was no Sweep Osito.

Alsur Café

A lovely terrace with heaters plus a modern and spacious interior where dogs have been spotted lounging by the windows in the sunshine.  Little minxes.

Buenas Migas

Two branches (Bareloneta and El Raval) have terraces but they all seem to welcome our befurred companion, so long as he doesn’t try to scrape the stickers off the window.

Cat Bar

Another vegan restaurant that sells English type peasant food (beans on toast etc) and welcomes dogs. They also have wi-fi.


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