Dog-friendly shops – Barcelona

We don’t have a picture of Sweep in a shop, so you’ll have to make do with a picture of him in a fridge. Taken during a very hot summer when he protested the fact that we didn’t have air conditioning by finding his own.

Anyway, surprisingly and completely unlike the UK, some of the major high-street stores in Spain actually permit you to take your dogs through the doors – even if they aren’t guard dogs.

Personally I like looking through leotards next to a cocker spaniel with a penchant for lycra. I think it rocks.

So this is a short list of those main stores that don’t seem to bat an eyelid at the sight of a hairy four-legged person wondering through their aisles. There are probably more and so please – if you are aware of others, let us know via the commenty box right down below.

This list is certainly not exhaustive.

El Corte Ingles

Strange but true, the snobby monstrosity that is El Corte Ingles happily permit dogs.

Sweep has been into the massive branch on Placa Catalunya many times, although he probably wouldn’t be allowed in the food department, but it’s not something I’ve attempted.

He was made so welcome in the large branch in Tarragona that one of the shop assistants lay on the floor with him for ages and tickled his little white tummy. He hated every second of that.


Last time I was in Mango, a woman left her very well behaved unleashed dog outside the changing room whilst she tried on some quite hideous trousers. Luckily dogs don’t care how bad our taste is, they still love us. No one paid the slightest bit of attention to the lovely creature, other than me who cooed all over her.

H & M

Sweep’s been in H&M so many times he needs a loyalty card. He’s previously frequented branches in Athens, Berlin and Barcelona. He’s well travelled that one, that’s for sure.

Lot’s of little shops seem happy to accept dogs as well. The locals just seem to walk in with their dogs oblivious to any wrongdoing on their part, so I usually follow suit and wait to be told different.


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