Dog Walking Spots in Barcelona


One of the things that annoys me most about Spain (and there’s not much that really piques me) is the dog ban on beaches. This gives me the absolute rage. One species thinks it is superior to all the others, builds roads, hotels and farms the worlds precious fuels until it destroys the ecosystem, fucks with the weather and then bans another species from the beaches, because they don’t want them making a mess?! Raaaaarrrrr! Read more about it here.

So what alternatives are there in Barcelona for you and your furry loved one?

Dogs are everywhere in Barcelona. From the moment we arrived there old ladies were ducking down to fuss Sweep and call him ‘guapo’. They are right. He’s very guapo. But if you want to give yours some off-leash time where he can zip about like a wolf possessed, then here are the best spots we’ve found so far.

Note that dogs aren’t allowed on metros or buses in Barcelona. However, the overland trains – RENFE permit dogs. According to the rules, dogs must wear muzzles but I’ve never seen a dog wearing a muzzle. Up to you to know how naughty your dog is and whether he needs muzzling for his own protection.

If you are near El Raval or Sants, then Montjuic offers some great dog walks where you can get away from roads and have peace of mind whilst he sniffs everything he can get his nostrils on. Several staircases lead up to Montjuic and at the top there is a castle, where we walked around with Sweep off lead.

Parc Guell
Gaudi’s stunning park is a great place for doggies. It’s fine to take the little ones off leash and let them dart around between tourists legs. No one seems to pay any heed to a small dog when there is so much whimsical architecture around them. Near Gracia.

Parc de la Ciudella
This is a beautiful park in the centre of Barcelona, easily accessible from El Borne or La Barceloneta. Parc de la Ciudella is home to a boating lake, a beautiful gold encrusted sculpture, a zoo (boo!), a botanical museum and a giant woolly mammoth. Dogs are welcome here and fine off lead but roads run the perimeter of the park, so watch carefully and if your dog is a naughty one with a tendency to skedaddle, then keep on a long lead.

Parc Guinardo
A 15+ hectare park in the Horta-Guinardo area of Barcelona (North). A sloping park that consists of a lush wooded area containing 2000 pines. A beautiful park where you can find tranquillity.

If you get off the main road that weaves up towards Tibidabo you can wild it a bit and let your four-legged friend off the leash. Sweep loves it here. There are little uphill slopes and trees for him to weave between. Once you get to the top, of course there is the beautiful church and the oldest funfair in Europe.

Collserola Park
Heading up towards la torre de Collserola (the big white pointy thing on the adjacent hill to Tibidabo at the back of Barcelona) you will enter Collserola Park (which includes Tibidabo). This is a fabulous green zone full of joggers and cyclists and a superb spot to let young Spot go feral off lead.

Sagrada Familia
Surprisingly, directly in front of La Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s masterpiece,  there is a small park with benches and a small café. Within that there is a tiny little walled park especially for dogs.  A great idea in the middle of a very built up area.

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