Dogs Aren’t Allowed On Beaches But Humans Are

A collection of litter  around a bench on the beach in Sitges

This collection of litter was scattered around the bench we were sitting on. Sitges beaches have plenty of bins, the nearest to us was 15 feet away so there's no excuse for it.


I could be fined 650 euros for taking my dog on the beach between April and October but it’s acceptable for humans to go on them all year round. I have to wonder what it is about dogs which is so offensive, apart from the fact that some owners don’t clean their turds up.

I’d like to point out that my dog didn’t leave San Miguel, Red Bull or Cola cans on the beach, nor did he break a Coke bottle and leave the glass lying around. He also didn’t scatter paper, wrappers or anything else for that matter.

What makes it worse is there are no fines for littering and the beaches are also well stocked with bins which are emptied every day, even out of season. There really is no reason for littering to occur or for people to ruin the beaches for others, especially when my dog, who loves the beach more than any place else, is denied that pleasure for eight months of the year.

Doesn’t seem fair really does it?

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