Dogs on public transport – Catalonia

Sweep seen here terrorizing other passengers on the overnight train from Zagreb to Munich.

In Spain dogs are allowed on RENFE trains for short distances but apparently not on medium and long-distance journeys.

The following rules apply:

  • Only one pet per accompanying passenger is allowed on board
  • The person accompanying the animal is responsible for it and any damage caused by it on the journey
  • Animals must weigh less than 6 Kg
  • Animals must be kept in a cage (unless seats in a cabin are booked); the cage may be no larger than 65cm x 35cm x 35cm and must be able to contain any excrement made by the animal
  • Where applicable, dogs must wear a muzzle
  • A ticket must be purchased for the travelling animal; the fare is usually 50 percent of the accompanying human fare
  • Guide dogs for the blind are allowed free of charge on RENFE trains
  • For information from RENFE on travelling with animals on national RENFE trains:

I’ve never seen a dog on a train wearing a muzzle in over a year and a half in Spain – nor in a box for that matter either. But it’s best to be prepared.

Unless your dog is a peevish one, then keep a muzzle tied to its leash and only put it on when the train operatives insist, which they occasionally will. Although on the occasions when Sweep has been caught on the train without a muzzle we haven’t been asked to leave the train just reminded that he should wear one – usually whilst he licks someones fingers in a very threatening manner.

Apparently, they are not allowed on long distance trains unless they are under 6 kilos and in a suitable carry box. Fine if your dog is slightly bigger than a rat then.

Strangely, for a dog-loving city, they do not appear to be permitted on buses or metros either, unless they are guide dogs being used by humans or are in a carrier – which kind of restricts travel with pets above the size of a rabbit. Guide dogs need to be easily identifiable as such – apparently the fact that they are attached to someone with their eyes closed is not proof enough.

Perhaps the different bus companies operate differently, but I’m yet to find a company that openly allows dogs. Which is crap. Big let down there Spain.


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