Ecocentro vegetarian shop, deli and restaurant – Madrid

C/de Esquilache 4

Near Cuatro Caminos metro station

Shop from 10hrs -23.30hrs

Restaurant from 13hrs-17hrs and 21hrs-00hrs

Ecocentro is a vegetarian restaurant, a vegetarian delicatessen and a health food store.

The restaurant is located downstairs in the basement and has a strangely complicated choice of menus depending on what day of the week you visit, what time of the day it is on that day of the week, and what you are wearing at that particular time of the day on that particular day of the week. Or something like that. The menus are generally two-course and will cost between €15 and €18. this is quite pricey for a two-course menu del dia but bare in mind that the food is generally organic and local and that the menu is way more creative than the typical menu del dia found elsewhere.

There are loads of vegan options.

Bio buffet consists of lunches, snacks, juices and breakfasts. They sell wholegrain organic toast (for around €2) with a range of toppings such as cheese and quince, tomato, jam, avocado, organic chocolate spread etc. Other breakfast items include wholegrain croissants with various filings, yoghurts, fruits and mueslis and combinations there of.

Juices come in orange, carrot and orange, carrot orange and beetroot etc. There is nothing to cutting edge but at least the juices are fresh and should be organic.

And they have a macrobiotic menu that consists of seaweed and brown rice etc. These dishes are available between 9pm and midnight and cost just under €10 each.

The shop vends the usual range of products that you’d expect to find in a health food store in Spain, or most places for that matter. Milk substitutes, cosmetics, books, incense, fruit, vegetables, seaweeds, oils, tofu products, tempeh products, bottled juices, spices, chocolate, cookies etc.

They also have events throughout the year.

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