Ecopasion online organic store – Spain

An online store that vends an absolute wealth of organic, vegetarian, vegan, eco-friendly and health-giving products.

The site is divided into the following sections:

Natural cosmetics and toiletries (cosmetica aseo y natural)

Natural facial cosmetics and make-up that haven’t been tested on other species. Products by Naay and Javier de Perle, they have a range of facial treatments, shave creams and oils for men and they also stock a large range of natural soaps.

They also stock infrared hairdryers (no idea what their benefits are, but still), sonic toothbrushes, analogue toothbrushes made from yoghurt pots, discarded bungee cords etc and all sorts of other useful non-toxic things.

Home (hogar)

Speciality pillows and duvets with aloe vera, air purifiers and diffusers, ionisers and dehumidifiers, eco knives and cooking vessels and cleaning products.

Plus organic towels, slippers and bathrobes.

Relaxation and wellness (relajacion y bienetsar)

Products include massage aids, relaxation and meditation CDs, natural sounds CDs, salt lamps, incense and meditation DVDs.

Food (alimentacion)

Organic ingredients such as seaweeds, oils, olives, rice, flours, herbs and spices, fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds, cereals, cookies, jams and marmalades, honeys, muesli, coffee and chocolate.

Children (infantile)

Foods, toys, learning aids, accessories, nappies and other stuff for small noisy humans.

Pets (mascotas)

Vegan food, snacks and accessories for our better hairy halves.

Also toys, learning aids, and even a relaxing pet CD. (Sweep might get one of these in his doggy Xmas stocking – paws crossed.)

Garden and outdoors (huerto y jardin)

Seeds and bulbs, less toxic fertilizers etc. Don’t tell Monsanto.

Outdoors (aire libre)

Electric environmentally friendly bikes, biodegradable bags and solar backpacks.

Payment is accepted by Paypal, Visa, Mastercard and American Express.


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