El Caprici delicatessen lounge – Sitges, Catalonia

El Caprici in Sitges

El Caprici delicatessen lounge – Sitges

c/San Francesc 44

Calling El Caprici in Sitges a delicatessen lounge might be a bit ambitious – as it looks for all the world like a café with a sofa in it to me. But all the same, it is open all day, ‘as wi-fi, a few vegetarian options and is dog-friendly. So whatever it wants to call itself is really quite fine by me.

They have juices here (although they seem more like smoothies) and you can choose from guanabana, coconut, raspberry, papaya, mango and maracuya. All juices cost €2.70. Make sure you stipulate no sugar or milk when ordering (sin azucar y leche) or with soya milk (con leche de soja).

El Caprici have a few herbal teas to hydrate you, such as pu-erh, green, camomile and various fruit varieties. Most are Twinings so nothing to get excited and pant-wetty about.

If you’ve got a hunger on at El Caprici you can choose from churros con chocolate (thick hot choc Spanish-style served with doughnut javelins) or bagels. Bagel fillings suitable for vegetarians include El Caprici with ricotta cheese, pesto and dried tomato; Ligero with brie and quince; Subu with egg, lettuce, tomato and mayo or a Chocolatissimo with nutella and extra sugar (!). You can also make your own from a selection of ingredients and dressings.

An afternoon can easily drift by sitting on the sofa near the massive doorway with a laptop or book. The food is ok and the staff are helpful. One girl is English which is obviously useful if you can’t speak the lingo.

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