La Garganta Restaurant and Hotel – El Chorro, Andalusia


Barriada de El Chorro s/n,
29552 Alora, Spain

Having finished two thirds of a 51 kilometre walk (unprepared, unfit and wearing a pair of slipper socks [the ones with rubber bobbles on], as I couldn’t find my hiking socks or any other socks for that matter when facing the challenge of sock location at 6am) I was prepared to eat several times my weight in food. I don’t need much of an excuse to binge eat – even if it requires visiting the vomitarium, like the Romans did, in order to make space for the next edition of comestibles.

We had walked and partly limped as part of a hike organised by JSM doggy school in Monda, with about sixteen two-legged folk and about the same number of four-legged ones joining the hike at different parts along the way.

We were all fucking knackered to put it crudely by the time we reached La Garganta Restaurant and Hotel and the sight of an ice-cold beer or alcohol free beer was enough to bring tears to the eyes of most of us.

La Garganta Restaurant and Hotel consists of a restaurant with terrace plus two bedroom apartments where most of the party were staying for the night (doggies included), whilst us financially poor folk were at El Chorro Camping down the road.

We had paid €25 per head for food (as organised beforehand) and the amount of food was extremely plentiful with options for vegetarian such as a thick gazpacho soup with egg (with tuna on the side – which Sweep ate). There were stuffed tomatoes containing almonds, cheese and cream, and there were toasts with mixed mushrooms, courgettes and peppers. The main course was vegetarian lasagne, which whilst not delicious was fairly tasty and welcome after the hike. The piece de resistance was the large slab of super-rich chocolate cake. We needed sugar after walking what felt like the circumference of the world, twice (in slipper socks).

Worth visiting the vomitarium for.

All the items appear on the standard dinner menu.

We sat on the outdoor terrace with a tapestry of lovely snoozing canines at our feet (apart from Bef [pronounced Beef] who was waiting exceedingly patiently for bread or any scrap of food after her epic peregrination). As night fell, the lake below the terrace appeared magical, like the entrance to Hades or somewhere equally hot but nice to look at. The mountains seemed to rise around the lake like dormant prehistoric critters.

The food for vegetarians was pretty good, especially when compared to previous Spanish attempts at vegetarian cuisine and considering La Garganta Restaurant and Hotel’s exceptional location near El Chorro. Lovely staff, and in particular the beautiful young waitress that appeared to be made from smiles.

Thumbs up all ‘round for La Garganta Restaurant and Hotel.

A great end to an awesome day with great company. And their owners were pretty good too.


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