El Jardinet dels Gats (the cat garden) – Barcelona


 At the back of La Boqueria (Barcelona’s most famous market) on the right past Cafe Ra.



In the midst of darkest Raval (the once dodgy, now uniquely fashionable area to the left of La Rambla) in the center of Barcelona, just at the back of La Boqueria, you will find El Jardinet dels Gats (or the cat garden) a co-operative space that houses the feral street cats and abandoned kitties of central Barcelona.

They have a large space complete with two big old trees, wooden houses, toys, slides, tunnels, benches, climbing frames and plants in which to while away their furry days – in a spacious zone where they are both safe and in the fresh air.

Kind volunteers go in every day to feed the miaowers and to make sure the space is kept relatively clean (read as: shit free) and that all the befurred residents are happy and healthy.

The project began in 2005. There is also a shop at Nou de la Rambla, 14 where you can buy feline gifts and show support to the worthwhile project. Might give you a warm spot behind your rib cage as well. The shop is only open every first and third Tuesday of each month between 5.30pm and 6.30pm due to the availability of volunteers.

Email eljardinetdelsgats.solidari@gmail.com for further info.

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