El Raco Ecologic (vegetarian, macrobiotic, organic) – Barcelona

Carrer Bruc, 86
08 009


07.30 hours – 17.00 hours

El Raco Ecologic is a predominantly vegetarian, organic macrobiotic restaurant near the metro station of Girona on Carrer del Bruc.

The folk at El Raco Ecologic prepare and cook their dishes from fresh and organic ingredients that are usually locally grown and dependent on the season – apparently.

Of course, there is a menu del dia (which translates to a daily menu) that consists of three courses and a drink and costs €10.50 – which is stunning value considering the ingredients are organic. You generally have a couple of choices for each course eg green salad, some form of soup for the starter; a rice dish, seitan with mixed vegetabes  or noodles etc.

There is also a menu to select from with prices ranging from approximately €10.

Dishes are generally filling and pretty tasty. It’s not a particularly innovative menu, but there are a few choices.

The location is about 20 minutes walk from Placa Catalunya but worth the walk for something warm and appetite suppressing.

The interior is a little informal and cafeteria-like, and not much has been done to make the place into a cosy and attracting eating experience, however, due to the opening hours, it seems that they are only catering to vegetarian and macrobiotic workers in the vicinity.

The service here is a little terse and lacks comfort.

It’s a fairly decent spot though and a must-find (and eat at) for any body who is visiting the city and wants to adhere to a macrobiotic diet. Options are definitely limited in Barcelona.


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