El Ranchito de la Patata – Marbella

El Ranchito de la Patata – Marbella

Avenida del Trapiche, 24
Local 11

Despite temperatures of 32 degrees, it was two and half brave souls that decided in their wisdom to eat baked potato for brunch. Raw food – no. Healthy – no. Vegan – yes. Well, at least some of them.

El Ranchito de la Patata is a humble little place off Avenida del Trapiche in Marbella where you can buy baked potatoes, salads, sandwiches and combinations there of.

The menu is huge with twenty varieties of baked potato and twenty eight sandwich fillings. There are also fourteen combination plates although most are meat heavy.

Many of the baked potato fillings contain meat but these can be easily omitted or replaced with non-eyed ingredients. For both vegetarians and vegans there are many options (although you might need to make an adjustment here or there). Mine came with jamon (ham) and so I asked for this to be served separately and gave it to Sweep Osito. Luckily, unlike in the UK and other places where butter is king, the Spanish tend to moisten their potatoes with olive oil and so vegan options are many. Other ingredients you might like are tomato, olives, corn, carrot, beetroot, onion, curry sauce, bravas (picante) sauce, tartar sauce, ali-oli, salt, pepper, and various types of cheese if you’re not vegan.

Sandwich fillings again are meat heavy but you can easily mix and match.

The portions are massive and I was unable to finish mine, even with a furry four-legs assisting me.

Prices for a simple potato with just salt and pepper are just €2.50.  They come wrapped in silver foil and the fillings are generous.

Probably not the healthiest thing you’ll ever eat and certainly a strange choice at midday on a hellishly hot day, but cheap and filling.

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