El Refugio de Juanar hotel and restaurance- Near Monda, Costa del Sol


El Refugio de Juanar
Sierra Blanca


We stumbled upon this place after taking Sweep Osito to JSM Dog Training where he is learning to be even more awesome than he already is –which isn’t easy – as he’s already easily the most awesome dog on the planet.

It was raining heavily and so we followed the signposts to this little haven, as we were hungry having been up at doggy school by 8.30am.

The road to El Refugio is stunningly verdant and the zone is beautiful, made even mores so by the percussive rain hammering out its persistent melodies.

We sought warmth and dryness and something to eat and the folk at El Refugio were typically Spanish in their friendly welcome and supplied us with squashy sofas to sit on in the bar along with hot chocolates and thick slabs of toast with cheese and tomato, butter and jam.


I hadn’t realised it was a hunting lodge until we noted the many trophies adorning the walls in the form of antlers and horns. Sweep wasn’t allowed in, which is probably a good thing as the idea of seeing his ears mounted on the wall wasn’t one we cared for, particularly not after having spent 60 euros on doggie school just that morning.

The price for breakfast was very reasonable, but I should imagine food from the lunch and dinner menus that consist of game (quail, pheasant, mountain goat, rabbit etc) are less reasonable.

Despite the fact that it’s a hunting lodge which is not an ideal setting for a pair of hungry vegetarians on their way to walk the homeless dogs at Triple A, it was a comfortable and welcoming spot and there were vegetarian options albeit just a few.

El Refugio also has hotel rooms, some of which have real fires and baths – which I probably would have sold my soul to the devil to stay in, but sadly the dog ban and lack of money meant it was back to the van for me.

Other than the severed animal body parts, El Refugio de Juanar is a comfortable and cosy retreat surrounded by nature.


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