El Refugio vegetarian-friendly restaurant – Valencia

Carrer Alta, 42
Barrio del Carmen


Here there is a menu del dia which costs €12 (weekdays) or €20 (weekends and evenings) and includes a starter, a main course and a dessert.

Entrees what a vegetarian person might find of appeal include cold cream of tomato soup with peach and avocado – €4. Stilton mousse or a mixed salad of leaves, carrot, fruit, wonton rice and algaes. Sounds weird but good to me. I’m a sucker for seaweed.

Main dishes on the vegetarian menu include Pipillote de verduras – which is a mix of green beans, pumpkin, vermicelli, pineapple, tofu and mango chutney wrapped in banana leaves. Or soba noodles with seitan, algae, nuts and Jamaican ginger oil dressing.

And a quinoa dish with feta cheese, dried tomatoes, kalamata olives.

Actually all these dishes sound pretty spectacular in a country where most menus manage either bread, fried peppers, patatas bravas and olives as the sum total of their vegetarian options.

If I was here longer I would be so all over the pipillote de verduras. Raw vegan or not. Sounds delicious. Bring it on.

Nice setting with an intriguing veg menu.

You can bring your own wine if you’re a wino.

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