El Rincon Ecologico – Granada

Plaza del Realejo

Sometimes you find these little organic spots in the midst of the most unexpected areas.

I certainly wasn’t expecting to find this place here. Granada was in fact, very low on health food shops. Disappointingly lacking in places to pick up supplies.

It’s not a massive place. You won’t be issued with a trolley on your way in and there is no lower ground floor, but if you are after some raw nuts, locally produced honies, organic loaves of bread, vegan spreads, organic eggs, muesli, granola, different types of flours and oriental ingredients – then this is your best bet in Granada. Or at least it was all I managed to find.

You can also find the usual health food ingredients such as rice, oils, condiments, cane sugar, and a few gluten free products such as cookies and breads.

They have a few organic toiletries, beauty products and household products such as washing liquids, fluoride-free toothpastes, organic tampons plus organic shampoos, conditioners, shower products and soaps.

They have bottled juices and organic fruit bars plus a few organic baby foods.

Outside of Barcelona and Madrid it seems, these are the best spots to pick up supplies. You certainly won’t be able to find all that you seek and you won’t find things such as agave, nama shoyu or raw food ingredients – at least not in my experience but you’ll find a few items to make your edible journey in Spain a little less terrifying, and a little less white bread and patatas bravas.


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