El Solecito vegetarian-friendly restaurant – Santander

Bonifaz 19,

Monday to Thursday
12.30hrs – 15.45hrs &
19.30hrs – 23.30hrs

Friday and Saturday
12.30hrs – 16.00hrs &
19.30hrs – 00.15hrs

Sunday and Fiestas
13.00hrs – 16.00hrs &
19.30hrs – 23.30hrs

El Solecito is not a vegetarian restaurant but it is vegetarian-friendly. And the menu is massive.

Most interesting and most useful is that the menu consists of a large range of salads from mixed to Greek. Salads cost between €5 and €7 and you can change items to personalise your dish for a cost of €0.50 each item.

They also have a range of pizzas with a couple for vegetarians and includes a design-your-own pizza range with a massive array of toppings you can choose from that cost from €0.80 per item depending upon which size of pizza base you select. Vegetarian toppings include banana, onion, goat cheese, spinach, emmenthal, pineapple, pine nuts and a range of sauces.

There is a vegetarian sandwich (bocadillo vegetales) which contains lettuce, tomato, cheese, asparagus and cooked egg, but you can also create your own from a range of ingredients, at a cost of €0.50 per item.

Pasta dishes fit for vegetarians include a choice of spaghetti, farfale or gnocci with either mixed vegetables (verduras); garlic, olive oil and cayenne (ajo); pesto or house tomato salsa. And there is also a vegetable lasagne. Pasta dishes start from €6.90.

There is a vegetarian crepe which costs €6.50, and there are a number of soups for vegetarians including cream of garlic, and mixed vegetables. Soups cost €4.50.

Other specialities are gratinated spinach with goat cheese (€6.50) and gratinated vegetables (€8-).

There are a load of desserts such as apple tart, cheese cake, chocolate tart, panna cotta,  icre cream and crepes such as  chocolate and cream. These are all around the €3 mark.

The vast menu and options to create your own dish make this place attractive. And the prices are quite reasonable although the food is average.

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