Electricity Supply on the Beach at Sitges

EU plug socket similar to those on Sitges beach


An electricity supply on the beach at Sitges you ask…

Yes. During a beach meander with Sweep Osito I hunkered down on a wide wall to enjoy a fresh fruit juice and take in the sights and sounds of the sea. Whilst relaxing and sun-soaking my eyes were drawn to two little grey boxes at the back of the wall.

A little investigation revealed that they were plug sockets with watertight covers. The sight of these fully powered 230v plug sockets excited the hell out of me but not in any bizarre sexual way of course. I imagine anyone with a fetish for live plug sockets won’t be granted too many opportunities to indulge in their pleasures; in fact they’d probably only get one shot.


Plug in baby.

There's no coming back from this. Electricity fetishes are very short lived.


No, I was excited for a few other reasons. I could charge my iPod (super!), plug my laptop in and work on the beach all day long but best of all if I was feeling particularly cocky I could park on the beach at night, hook the van up, charge everything from it and then plug in the juicer the next morning to gorge myself on nature’s holy goodness then getting the hell out of there before the police took a dislike to my cheek.

Yes the options for abusing unattended plug sockets are numerous.

After more thought I figured out that the sockets are there for summer events and temporary bars which suddenly pop up when the season gets into full swing. At this time of year (February) there’s nothing much doing and the beaches are very quiet but by late April Sitges will be rocking and rolling with holidaymakers flocking to the Costa Dorada resort for their jollies.

These plug sockets are not there for mass consumption but a little abuse from time to time would not be unforgivable, especially if you’re trying to live off grid but need a little power boost.

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