Elviria’s Deli – Elvirias Deli, Las Chapas, Near Marbella

C.C. Contur – CN 3
Las Chapas
Near Marbella

A beautiful out-of-place delicatessen, café and restaurant of the type and quality you’d find in the poshest parts of London. Vending pickles, chutneys, honeys, marmalades, jams, chilli sauces, fresh pastas to go, delicious cakes, fine wines, olive oils, balsamic vinegars, organic teas and breads and deli meats – Elviria’s has great gifts for foodies or just for yourself.

The restaurant and café serve warm quiches, delightful pasta dishes prepared using fresh egg pasta, pies, salads and breakfasts.

Breakfasts are fresh fruit salads, pancakes, Spanish omelettes, tortillas, vegetable omelettes.

The dinner menu consists of antipasti, a soup of the day (such as cream of broccoli soup), fresh pasta dishes, cheese plates and desserts of the day. They also have posh fish and chips.

Salads are served in decent portions and are available in Nicoise, spinach or caprese.

The cakes are luscious and far more tasty than anything I’ve tasted in this part of Spain. They have chocolate cake, carrot cake, cheese cake and a choice of Danish-style pastries.

The spirit of the place is modern and posh and the produce and ingredients all get top marks.

The staff are professional and dress smartly in black but are really friendly, especially the delightful Hungarian girl who made us feel very welcome and at home, bringing us blankets so we could sit outside and be warm during a rainstorm because we couldn’t go inside due to our hairy companion – Sweep. Sadly, dogs aren’t welcome indoors.

Inside is exceptionally spacious with tables amidst beautiful displays of their produce. The food counters are clean and everything is visible. The lighting is bright and modern, the eating areas typical of a modern deli with white and green chairs and wooden tables.

On the terrace, scarlet chairs gather around square white tables and at night fairy lights twinkle in the trees whilst candles flames flicker in organic shaped candle holders.

Elviria’s deli is an upmarket establishment with a lot of class. It’s a strange spot for a classy restaurant but there seems to be enough interest all the same.

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