Emergency Solar Panel for Charging the Campervan Starter Battery

Emergency solar car battery charger


One of the worst scenarios is running the campervan battery dry and ending up stuck somewhere you don’t want to be. I’m still yet to buy a set of jump leads, not because I’m thoughtless and only consider myself, but because I’m packing an emergency solar panel which will charge the main battery and get me out of a fix.

Just not at night.

For the meagre sum of 20euros I picked up the emergency solar panel runs at 20 watts. That’s plenty for charging the campervan’s battery but not good for much else. I had considered making a solar generator with one of these and a smaller deep cycle battery, all fitted neatly into a carry case, purely to charge the laptop but as the campervan’s leisure battery already does that so well I don’t see much point.

The emergency solar panel is lightweight and well constructed in a tough plastic casing. It comes supplied with crocodile clips on a fly lead and an additional connector for a lighter socket. A big blue LED indicates when it’s receiving charge.

To use it you simply connect the Red clip to the positive of the battery and the black clip to the negative or chassis of the vehicle and leave it to run for 30-60 minutes (weather dependent). That should be enough to get you up and limping off to a new battery centre, garage or for a decent run to let the alternator recharge the battery properly.

Being slim and light the emergency solar panel is easy to pack and is a lot less hassle than those quick-start kits which require charging at home first and take up excessive boot space. Admittedly the panel is a slower job but if it’s a beautiful day and the sun is out, who cares?

I’m sure your boss will understand.

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