English cinema in Barcelona

Cinemes Melies - Barcelona, Spain

English cinema in Barcelona

Sometimes, even though you are in Barcelona – the most beautiful city in the world – you just need to go see a movie. Especially when it’s violently hot during July, August and September and the movie houses have such good air-conditioning. If your Spanish or Catalan isn’t up to scratch then you might think you are buggered.

Luckily, however, what with Barcelona being not only beautiful but deliciously cosmopolitan (not to mention full of expats lolling as they smear imported Marmite onto their toast of a morning) there are a number of cinemas where you can go and watch the latest releases in their original language.

Films shown in their original language in Spain are called ‘version original’ often depicted with V.O. or V.O.S.E.

Here are the cinemas in Barcelona where you can see an English (or other non-Spanish) films:

Icaria-Cinema Cineplex
C/Salvador Espriú, 61
Port Olimpic,

A large multi-cinema complex close to the beach showing blockbusters in the original version with Spanish subtitles.

Cines Renoir
Eugeni d’Ors, 12

Small cinema showing some mainstream and some world cinema.

Cines Verdi
C/ Verdi, 43

Cute little cinema in central Gracia showing a great range of current non-Blockbuster-y delights.

Cinemes Méliès
 Calle Villarroel 102

All the films shown at Cines Melies are shown in their original version.

Filmoteca de Catalunya
Avenida Sarrià 31-33

A range of foreign and arthouse films – both new releases and old films are shown.


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