English Fish & Chips in Barcelona – do you really miss it?

Rambla del Raval 26

10.30hrs to 02.00hrs (Monday to Thursday and Sunday)
10.30hrs to 02.30hrs (Friday and Saturday)

Fish & Chips is a fish and chips restaurant – I know right – in Barcelona that attempts to recreate all the ravishing otherworldliness of a traditional English fish and chip restaurant from good ole back home.

It’s located in La Rambla de Raval (note: Not La Rambla – the gothic quarter’s main artery) and can be found very close to Botero’s fat bronze cat. You can’t miss Botero’s cat – even Mister Magoo could find it. Eventually.

And it’s not just a purveyor of Fish & Chips. No sirree. They also serve a full-on English but not-in-the-slightest-bit vegetarian or health-giving breakfast consisting of bacon, sausage, eggs, mushrooms, beans and two slices of toast – probably with margarine and on a dirty plate if they want to be entirely authentic. The price for this is €6.70. As a raw food vegan in the making – I can happily say that this is one English dish I have never craved since turning vegan. Probably because I am longer a raging dipsomaniac. They also do bacon sandwiches. Another no-no for a sober raw food vegan, I’d say.

Anyway, on a more vegetarian note there is a selection of –on-toasts such as eggs-on-toast or mushrooms, beans or tomatoes.

They also have a vegetarian burger and sides of mushy peas, curry sauce or bread and butter. Nothing startlingly unique here but it’s all options.

For puddings you can have scones, teacakes or crumpets. And for the connoisseur of finest English cuisine they have cans of Tizer and Irn Bru.

BBC Radio is playing whilst you scoff  and during the balmy summer months (most of the year in other words) you can take a seat outside on the terrace. Absolutely nothing like England then where fish and chips are eaten in door ways or bus-stops usually drunk people wearing cheap clothes.

They hold a knitting group here every Wednesday at 20.30hrs – which is cute as fuck. A dying art knitting. If it’s good enough for my Nan – it’s good enough for everyone else in the world. There is also an English book exchange, apparently. I’ve not seen this so it might just be a couple of dog-eared Stephanie Myers novels, a Readers’ Digest with the centre pages stuck together and a copy of Match! from 1986.

The only thing I miss about England is that I understand what they are talking about and that is often a skill remembered with more fondness than is really necessary. At least if you don’t understand what someone is talking about you can romanticise that they discussing string theory or Simone de Beauvoir, rather than last night’s X Factor results and how unlucky England are to be relegated after that disastrous home goal scored by a thick millionaire during the quarter semi-demi final. That’s probably exactly what the locals are talking about – but the beauty is you’ll never have to know.

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