English-speaking hairdressers – Barcelona


If like me, your Spanish is dreadful and you need to get your wig some attention, then here are some English hairdressers in and around Barcelona for you to try out.

Many hairdressers will speak fairly decent English, but when someone is going at your scalp with a pair of shiny blades, it’s helpful if you either find an English-speaking hairdresser, an English hairdresser, or try to get by with your smattering of Spanish and risk ending up looking like Edward Scissorhands having dropped three acid tabs and had a paroxysm with a pair of garden shears.

Here are a few English-speaking hairdressers you might want to investigate, although ordinary hairdressers often have signs saying ‘English spoken’ in their windows. And even if they don’t, it’s worth asking.

But if you can’t find any and you don’t speak enough Spanish to negotiate yourself a decent haircut, here we go:

Anthony Llobet


RAVAL C/Sant Pau, 122 934413177 * 692 371 308
EL BORN C/Carders, 34 932954871 * 692 371 404
GOTIC C/Avinyo, 34 933014513 * 692 371 405
RAVAL C/Sant Pau, 122 934413177 * 692 371 308

Scissors of London

Carrer Viladomat, 45-47, 633 382 787
Email: timbulmer@btinternet.com


BORN, Pescateria 8
 93 315 0980          
 (They use Aveda products)


Pintor Fortuny 14
El Raval

Let us know if you know of any good English-speaking hairdressers in Barcelona and we’ll include them here.

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