Enrich – Barcelona and Sitges

Various locations in Barcelona and Sitges.

As a raw food vegan who’s commitment occasionally disappears through the cracks in the pavement, when I fall off the raw food wagon, I like to make sure that I land in Enrich.

There are a million panaderias throughout Spain – it makes me wonder where this famous healthy Mediterranean diet hides itself because walking down a shopping street all you see is cured meat and cheese, bread, wine and pastries.

Enrich is up there with Barcelona Reykjavik when it comes to bread, cakes et al. It’s not cheap but the ingredients are top quality, allergy friendly and the atmosphere is clean, modern and classy.

You can take-away or eat-in although – at the two Sitges branches we visited – there is no outdoor seating and they don’t welcome those of us who favour four-legged ambulation.

Enrich have a variety of spectacular breads ranging from 100% spelt (espelta) – which is the moistest, chewiest and delightful thing I’ve possibly ever tried, 5 seeded (5 llavors) bread, bread flavored with chocolate and orange (pa de xocolata I taronja), Nordic breads, multicereal breads with soya flour, organic breads, spelt with sunflower seeds and bread made with kamut. There are bread sticks, baguettes, round loaves, Italian loaves and individual sized rolls. Most loaves are sold by the 100gr – so for example a whole loaf of 100% spelt bread will cost approximately €9. Expensive to the exponential of ridiculous but this is a meal-in-a-slice bread and you don’t need much. Great toasted with marmite. Plus you can purchase by the quarter (un cuarto) or half loaf (una media) – if it’s an occasional treat.

The cakes are sublime. They do an apple sponge cake that will blow your face and limbs off. And the muffins (particularly the heavenly dark chocolate muffin seasoned with chunks of bitter orange and encrusted with sugar crystals seen above) will have you returning for a fix day after day. The muffin costs €1.70 and is quite a big-un so I consider this a bargain. This is what I tell myself.

They also sell a couple of varieties of pizza, but only one – the goats cheese pizza – is suitable for vegetarians but is quite delicious. They sell sandwiches – made on their divine bread, and although vegetarian sandwiches are a rarity in Spain, if they don’t have a cheese with tomato sandwich (boccadillo de queso con tomate) already made, they will make one for you using the bread of your choice.

Up until midday, there is a toast bar where for €2 you can eat as much toast as you like. They have a few different types of dark breads available and a toaster you can utilize yourself. There are butter pats and a couple of different flavors of jams and marmalades and honey. I say it’s eat as much as you like because no one has ever reprimanded me for eating too much, but then I’ve never taken advantage of the fact and had more than a few pieces.

They serve strong coffees, hot chocolate and a lovely selection of fine quality teas including orange spice, green tea, lavender, early gray and Moroccan mint and these cost €1.70 each.

The orange spice variety goes exceptionally well with one of the chocolate muffins (pictured) I was almost masturbating over a few paragraphs prior.

The Enrich located in Cami del Pla (part of an industrial estate) is probably the most bizarre location for a up-market bakery I’ve ever seen – and my only criticisms are that it is only open until 14.30 and that the female server is unfriendly. I must have been in that place thirty times and she still looks blankly at me when I go in. She’s not horrible, just very unSpanish and makes me feel smelly and insignificant.

The staff at the other location in Sitges (Jesus,19), are far more friendly and there is even a young American girl who works there to deal with the tourists who’s only way of communication is putting at things and saying ‘por favor’ in a dreadful English accent.

There are loads more Enriches, all of which are in Barcelona but strangely, they all appear to be very close to Sants Estacion. Spanish people in general are lovely, but perhaps their entrepreneurialism needs looking at.

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