Equity Point Sea Hostel – Barcelona

Plaça del Mar 1-4
08003 Barcelona


If you should need a hostel in Barcelona and you want to be close to the sea – then this place – Equity Point Sea Hostel is both a hostel and near the sea, as the name might suggest. ‘Sea Hostel’. See?

As hostels go it’s certainly not one of the nicest I’ve stayed in. The décor is a bit drab compared to the generally ultra colourful hostels elsewhere in Spain, it’s quite noisy – especially room 105 which seems to be the crossroads in the hostel where all bodies come and go as it’s next to a road where bins are emptied during the night and also, right next to the night-time entrance, so everytime a drunken and debauched traveller enters the building after 10pm, it will be your door they scrape against in the bid to remain upright. Not only that – the room is really bright and not in a good way. You’ll need to wear something over your eyes – like Chewbacca – to block out the noise and light.  I managed it for two nights and then moved to another room.

Plus points of the hostel, above and beyond the location which is but a moth’s fart from the sea edge, is that the staff are generally very lovely other than one guy who is very handsome but not so friendly, the breakfasts are pretty good (cereals, breads, cookies, coffee, tea, muesli, hot chocolate, bananas, apples and oranges.) Not bad for a thrown in hostel breakfast. I just nicked loads of fruit and ate on the beach.

There is wi-fi throughout the hostel, so you can sit in bed surfing for porn, updating Facebook, Tweeting your every move, catching up with old friends, working (if you must) or planning your next stop.

The dorms have ensuite shower rooms and toilets. These are kept fairly clean. The showers are large and the hot water is plentiful.

You will need a lock if you require a locker. You can either bring your own or buy one from the hostel for €3. Above and beyond a sheet and pillowcase – everything else is charged for. Towels and blankets must be paid for. €3 each I think it was. A blanket is necessary during the winter months, although the hostel isn’t that cold, but neither are the blankets that warm. If you are travelling a while in Spain during the colder months and feel the cold – rather than pay €3 at each hostel, you could pop along to Decathlon in the gothic quarter where you can pick up a sleeping bag from €10.

Just along from the hostel is Bien Amigas – a coffee shop where you can sit in the sun and contemplate your day ahead.

Meditate on the beach. Go on. It would be rude not to.

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