EspaiVerd organic and health food shop – Barcelona

C/Princessa 31
The Gothic Quarter

Another great organic and health food item vending space in Barcelona. There can never be too many. I dream of a day supermarkets are all considered health food item vending spaces, although I fear those days are a century off, and despite a raw food diet and regular yoga, meditation and trips up mountains, I fear not in my lifetime. Ho hum.

So I have to make do with places like Espai Verde – which is actually a lovely shop.

It’s not going to sell you anything that makes you fall over and tinkle on the floor, eg raw vegan crackers or wheatgrass, but you can pick your health food essentials, and then some.

When I say the usual, I mean bags of unsalted nuts (probably not raw but better than roasted in pig fat), organic chocolate bars made from fair-trade cocoa beans, wholewheat pastas, loose teas, organic coffees from Colombia and South America, milk alternatives such as rice milk, soya milk, spelt milk and variations on the above, lots of meat replacement products such as tofu and tofu sausages, seitan and tempah, bottled fruit and vegetable juices, and lots of ingredients for oriental cooking such as tamari, soya sauce, seaweed and miso.

It’s in a great location right in the centre of town in the Gothic Quarter as if heading towards El Born on calle Princessa which is one of the main streets that runs from La Rambla toward El Born.

Stock up here. It might not be cheap but it is healthy and it’s a small shop that needs our support. Eventually things will get cheaper the more we buy them. Hoorah for organic.

Get yourself along there now. Go.

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