Finding Free Drinking Water in Spain


One of our major concerns about travelling and living in a campervan was the prospect of finding clean drinking water. The van has a 30 ltr fresh water tank which surprisingly only lasts a few days at most between the three of us.

With Spain being such a mountainous country there are plenty of springs, although in Catalunya most rivers are dry beds that only flood when the rain comes, dying quickly again within a day or so.

The river water isn’t really drinkable unless you have a very good filtering system and even then I wouldn’t risk it. Industry and pollution has done its part to ruin many fresh water supplies, even in the mountains.

At higher altitudes the water supplies are generally drinkable but you really want to make sure you’re near the summit.

Almost all Spanish cities, towns and villages have a water font; a pump or pipe with a tap that comes up out of the ground. These are generally regarded as safe to drink from and we used them many times to fill our fresh water tank or water bottles.

Despite popular the belief that you shouldn’t drink Spanish water, I haven’t been ill from drinking it and I actually prefer it to buying bottled water which has a higher cost on the environment in the long run.

It’s a case of, “when in Spain” and I figure that if it’s good enough for the locals to drink then it’s absolutely fine for me too.

There have been a few very rare cases of pollution at water fonts and people have suffered from stomach upsets but nothing fatal. Spain do not fluoridate their water although they use a different set of chemicals to the English to clean it with.

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