Flamenco in Barcelona

The snobby flamenco-inventing south of Spain LOLs at the concept of flamenco in Catalonia. But – as a complete novice enjoyer of the flamboyant and tragically emotive song and dance whap sherbang – I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all the flamenco I’ve had the pleasure to witness in Barcelona. Call me a troglodytic philistine, but I just have. I’m easily pleased maybe. Some astonishingly handsome (but sadly short) long-haired boys eddying around, a bit of dramatic guitar and the kind of vocals that make you goosebump from the inside out, and I’m beaming.


Placa Real, 17


My fave, mainly because it’s quick, cheap and easy is Tarantos. Tarantos is located on Placa Real (17) – home of the best and most annoying bag pinchers, pocket picking opportunists. For a mere €6 you can nip in for a quick 30 minute flamenco show. Sit amongst locals and tourists over a drink whilst some casual flamenco unravels before your very eyes. Plucky guitars, lugubrious vocals that horripilate the soul and dramatic dervishlike dance. I love the stuff. And that’s the only form of dance I’ll ever say that about.

Tarantos has a constantly changing line-up of artistes with showings taking place every evening at 20:30hrs, 21:30hrs and 22:30hrs. You can usually buy tickets on the night, although you may have to wait until the next showing.  Ie get there at 20hrs and buy a ticket for the 21:30.

Tablao Cordobes

Ramblas 35,


Much more upmarket – read as way more expensive – is Tablao Cordobes which is located on El Raval offers a full evenings entertainment including singing, dancing and an impressive buffet meal.

They have a constantly changing line up including some of the best artistes in Spain.

The décor is stunning and the entire evening feels very authentic. You will feel like you have stepped back in time courtesy of HG Wells.

Prices are between €61 to €69 and the evening commences with food at 19:15, 20:45 and 22:00.

This is a serious night out for someone with a bit of cash who wants to experience top class flamenco in a beautiful setting.


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