Follow the river at Les Illes, Montseney, Catalunya

On the afternoon of our arrival at Les Illes we decided to investigate the nearby area and found our way onto the river. It’s rocky bed runs down to a small dam which provides electricity for the small community around the camp site.


We begin our descent down stream...


Being a dry day the rocks weren’t slippery which helped tremendously.


The riverbank threw a host of challenges at us...



Rock pools along the way begged us to soak our feet...


The descent was steady, nothing too steep although we had to pick our steps carefully and some climbing over fallen trees and broken branches was required.


Nearer the bottom the river thinned out and disappeared under heavy boulders


At the foot of the falls a pond of no more than a few feet deep greeted us.


The pond ended at the dam where the water was around ten feet deep. It was incredibly clean and clear but far too cold to swim in. At that altitude and with little in the way of farming or housing around this water would have been usable after distillation.


This narrow bridge spanned the deep end of the pond and led onto another track.


The old dam seemed suited to the environment here and was almost unnoticeable against the grey rock walls of the mountain.


From the dam we took an easier walk back to Les Illes through a shaded forest.


This petrified tree limb and vine was a most beautiful find.


We enjoyed the adventure of a scramble down the waterfalls and rocks along the little river where only the sounds of water on stones, birds and a gentle breeze carried on the air.

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