Forn Boix bakery – Barcelona


Hospital 20
El Raval


Xucla, 23
El Raval

Bakeries in Barcelona (and in the whole of Spain for that matter) are ten a cent. Sometimes it feels like every other shop is a bakery or patisserie and when the excitement subsides and the drooling stops you soon realise that they are all selling very similar fare: croissants, neopolitanas, ensaimadas, baguettes etc.

And then occasionally you come across one that is at the top of its game. Think Bakery Reykjavik (which has branches in El Raval, Gracia and El Born) or Enrich (with branches in Sitges and Sants, Barcelona). Ok so Fornboix isn’t quite up there with Reykjavik and Enrich but it certainly stands out from most others and has been baking bread and tasty things for El Raval’s inhabitants since 1920 (apparently, Vic).

They have the usual choice of breads – white flutes, baguettes, French, English and Spanish style loaves but also some firm looking granary numbers you could build a house or knock a football support unconscious with and lots of different types of loaf to select from.

They have pizza slices stacked high with toppings, most of them containing some form of meat or fish but with a cheese puree and oregano number that is gigantically filling and not untasty.

There’s an entire section dedicated to cookies, tarts, cakes and local style pastries and the prices are reasonable.

They have all manner of exciting looking comestibles – nothing health-giving particularly but just because you’re a vegetarian, doesn’t necessarily mean you are a health food freak.

Get along here to pick up stuff for a picnic or if you are self catering and can’t afford the prices of nearby Reykjavik, because you should find something here even if it’s a big hunk of dark bread.


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