Forn de Llibreria bakery – Eixample, Barcelona



Forn de llibreria

Aribau, 22

This is a brand new bakery not far from Placa Catalunya where you can select from a seductive range of beautifully and rather lovingly created breads, cakes and other baked goods.

The owner is very proud of his shop and took me backstage to show me his massive sacks…. of organic flours and the preparation areas and giant refrigerators – which gave me the fear having watched too many films where people get thrown in them and gradually harden until their ears drop off. Even goths get scared sometimes.

Anyway he very kindly rattled on to me in Catalan and I didn’t understand a word of it – but I did smile politely and take some pictures before buying a pain au chocolate (for research purposes only) and running away.

Out the front they have coques that come in either savoury with cheese and vegetables or mushrooms and tomatoes for €1.80; or sweet with apple and fruits and pine nuts for €1.20. They have ensaimadas (Catalonia’s answer to the croissant – a doughy bread under a crust of powdery icing sugar), and chocolate croissants with white or dark chocolate filling. Magdelenes come in sugar or chocolate variety.

Breads start from 250g and include wholewheat organic or organic spelt bread at €1.40 and €2.45.

Bread flutes come in multi-cereal, organic brown or organic spelt and cost from €0.50. Rolls start from €0.30  and include cereal and salt-free varieties.

It’s a beautiful contemporary bakery in impeccably clean surroundings.

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