Fracking Fighting in Cabuerniga, Cantabria

Cabuerniga is a junction town where the imaginatively named C-280 and C-180 meet to the east of the Picos de Europa. The entire area is currently in the midst of a war between American gas extraction corporation, Haliburton and the local farmers and land owners who do not want to see their environment destroyed by the extremely hazardous procedure called ‘Fracking‘.

Josh Fox covered the subject in about as much detail is as humanly possible in his excellent documentary, Gasland so for me to try to cover it would be weak at best. However, having seen the Gasland and to then be faced with the reality of its subject was an incredible experience; I could sense the tension in the area, it was palpable.

Cows are still put out to graze in Cabuerniga, Cantabria

The philosophy behind Fracking is that natural gas is the supposedly least harmful power source for the planet but the cost of extracting it is more harmful to the environment than just about any other. Water supplies always fall victim and in his film Josh Fox demonstrated just how dangerous it can become by lighting the water from a faucet.

The people of Cabuerniga do not want to see their water supplies go the same way and are making their feelings known by campaigning against Haliburton.

The graffiti on the right tells the whole story while a sorrowful statue mourns the potential hazards of fracking.

On the day we passed through there we saw traditional farming practises in action; cows that actually graze and aren’t wired up to milk sucking vampire machines or forced to live in huge sheds and fed on the remains of their own kind.

Understandably, with such traditions and a history of revolution, the Spanish will fight the mega-money corporations all the way.

I add my support to their cause by spreading the word, which for now is the best I can do.

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