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If you are vegan, vegetarian, raw food vegan or just like your food healthy, ou’re going to go to Fresc Co and get all excited because they have a massive buffet full of salad ingredients. You’re going to pile your plate high with leaves, tomatoes, seeds, pastas, rice dishes, olives etc. You might grab some vegetarian pizza and/or hot pasta from the hot food bar. And then you are going to sit down, start eating and be disappointed. Boo hoo.

The idea behind Fresc Co is great. And as a vegetarian or vegan travelling around Spain, compared to many traditional Spanish cafes and restaurants, a salad bar in itself can be a godsend, even if the salad is inexplicably tasteless.

A visit to Fresc Co will cost you between €10 and €12 and this includes the salad bar, a choice of hot foods (not all dishes are vegetarian), bread, drinks and desserts.

If you are raw vegan then you can at least get a massive plate of mixed raw vegetables. If you are going to eat there I recommend taking something to jazz up your salad eg some guacamole or hummus. The vegetables might not be the most tasty but they are better than breaking your raw food diet.

I’ve eaten at Fresc Co a dozen times or more, and I’ve never really had a positive experience. I’ve never truly enjoyed my meal, but it does fill you up and it’s healthier than patatas bravas or white bread and some of the other ‘vegetarian’ staples that Spain has to offer.

In most cities in Spain you will find better options for vegetarian or vegan food. Only use Fresc Co in emergencies or if you like tasteless salad.

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