Fresc Co self-service buffet – Barcelona

Various locations across Barcelona.

The idea behind Fresc Co is perfect. An extensive self-service buffet that, for one price, includes a massive salad bar, hot foods, bread, drinks and desserts. When I first discovered t I was overwhelmed: a huge lane of ingredients spread before me. I could gather all the fresh raw vegetables into a massive salad, cover it with lemon juice and oil, add some seeds – sorted. It costs €9.95-€11.95 depending on the day and time.

There is only one problem with that. The quality of the food is terrible. For a country that boasts some of the most delicious tomatoes I’ve ever tried  in the world ever, Fresc Co somehow manages to find the most watery flavourless tomatoes I’ve ever had the misfortune of eating. And sadly, it’s not just the tomatoes. Lettuce, carrot, beetroot, cucumber, celery – everything I tried there, the taste was as weak and as feeble as an undernourished pensioner wearing heavy pyjamas and a lead hat.

I didn’t’ give up. I loved the concept. It had to work. I was just unlucky that day I thought. Desperate to give up the dream I tried a different branch in an alternative location. Same thing again.

On subsequent occasions – being not one to give up on an idea –  I tried the hot food. It was ok. Fairly tasteless but edible.

For the raw food vegan – Fresc Co might seem like a big raw salady mirage in a desert of cooked and processed meat. Sadly, I’ve never left feeling anything other than disappointment.

Saying that, there are many branches of this restaurant around Barcelona and they don’t seem to lack customers.

Maybe I’m just fussy. Maybe I want vegetables that taste of somethng. How do they manage to drain all the taste out of those vegetables? Is it some special process?  And why would they bother?

If you are a healthy food lover or a raw food vegan  and there are no alternatives then  go for it – but there are far better options for you in most areas of Barcelona.

Thumbs down. Boo and boo again.


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